Class of 2020 yearbook information

Class of 2020 Yearbook Information


Senior Portraits


Younger Years (group  photos /school pictures k-11)


Parent or Business Ads


School Community Photos

Ongoing through March 1st


Photo submissions:

All photos must be submitted in digital form as JPG files.  The files should be named with the student last name and first name (lastfirst.jpg) Example:  SmithJames.jpg   Senior photos can be submitted directly onto the yearbook website using the REPLAYIT app or by using the following link 

Senior Portraits:

You are welcome to use your school picture or a photograph of your choice for your senior portrait.

Image standards:

  • Should be at least 300dpi, 5x7 in size and digital format only
  • Appropriate dress as defined by the EBJSHS dress code policy should be followed. Hats are not allowed unless part of a uniform.  Any reference to drugs, alcohol, weapons or violence will not be allowed.
  • If you do not submit a picture your school photo will be used.

Senior Bio:

All seniors will be using their EBJSHS google account to submit a Senior Bio.  A google form will be sent in late September with a deadline of October 22nd.  All bios are reviewed by the yearbook advisor and administration.  Inappropriate content will be removed without notice.  You are allowed a maximum of 400 characters and may include a quote, nickname, thank you for family, friends and teachers, a list of school activities, etc.  Senior bios are optional; some students choose to not submit one, if you do not submit a bio by the deadline it is assumed that you do not want one and it will be left blank.  No exceptions.

Younger years:

Students and parents can submit pictures from K-11th grade using the REPLAYIT app for use in the yearbook.  Make sure to send in pictures from dances, sports and other school activities no later than November 1, 2019.

Parent / Business Ads:

Information will be sent to the parent/guardian email on record for parents to purchase ads in the back of the yearbook. 

Ordering a yearbook:

Please visit WWW.JOSTENS.COM to purchase a yearbook.  The cost of the 2020 yearbook will be $90 and will only be available to purchase online. 


Questions regarding the yearbook can be sent to [email protected]