Draft Phased Reopening Plan for Grades 1-6.

October 15, 2020
Dear Families,
At the October 20th School Committee meeting the board will be reviewing a draft phased reopening plan for Grades 1-6. This is the beginning stage of planning for movement in the hybrid learning model. The committee will be considering many pieces of data.
It’s equally important to consider the voices of the families in the district who will be most affected by this phased plan. A survey will be sent out later today to all parents who have hybrid students in grades 1-6. This survey will highlight the 5 phases of reopening (see below) and look to capture the comfort level with each phase. There are no dates attached to each phase. Results from the surveys will be shared with the School Committee.

Draft Phased Return to School for Grades 1-6
Step 1 - Seats remaining at 6’ (with masks) and filling open seats in classroom
Step 2 - Two weeks later - Seats move to 4 ½’ (with masks) but no additional students added
Step 3 - Two weeks later - Adding additional identified students at 4 ½’ (with masks)
Step 4 - Two weeks later - Seats move to 3’ (with masks) but no additional students added
Step 5 - Two weeks later - Adding remaining students at 3’ (with masks)
Thank you for your continued support.